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Minnesota Citizens = Modern-day MLK Movement Leaders

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See how Harry Boyte and Heatherlyn connect 60’s Civil Right’s movement with 2011’s WeThePeople’s cross-partisan citizen movement

Priest’s Epiphany — Common Humanity

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  The post-Christmas celebration of Epiphany illuminates the essential message of Jesus Christ.  Born the son of Mary, a young unwed Jewish woman and God, the unearthly Father of Christianity, Jesus was as human as he was holy. Epiphany provides a “light-bulb” moment, reminding Christians […]

Heart Doc’s Healthcare Solution: Human Connection

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Robert Frantz MD is one of the most respected cardiologists in the world. In his travels around the globe and his own life and work this past year, he see reasons for despair. But this physician, a caregiver by heart and in work, is also quite clear — miracles are very much possible. Here Dr. Frantz shares his very personal and moving reflections on a critical cure–hope found in unlikely places and people. Excerpts from his stunning New Years letter, below.