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Andrea Morisette Grazzini

Andrea Morisette Grazzini

Andrea Morisette Grazzini founded the cross-sector civil discourse initiative DynamicShift, in 2009.

She also founded WetheP, 2013, a new media company. It seeks to connect citizens around self-interests and shared passions for culture change. Bridging the strengths of business practices to ‘real-people’ authenticity and scalability of community organizing and social movements.

Her work as a leader, writer and participatory researcher has influenced numerous global and national conversations on co-productive change. Among them are American Commonwealth PartnershipAmerican Democracy Project and the White House Office for Public Engagement.

She has been featured and/or quoted on her civic engagement work in numerous media, among them: The New York Times, Fox News, PBS and The Wall Street Journal; and five books, including: The Citizen Solution, How You Can Make A Difference by Harry C. Boyte; and academic research.

In 1993 Andrea co-founded Peoplenet Communications Corporation, an early adapter of Internet and GPS technologies. She has three wireless locator patents.

Andrea has been published in numerous regional, national and global consumer, government and educational media. She is co-author of phenomenological research on the topic of Developing Collegiality.

Commentary by Andrea can be found at the DynamicShift BlogMEtoWEMedia on YouTube, and the  WetheP, Inc. Blog. More on her work can be found at LinkedIn. 

Andrea can be reached at:













































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