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Super Bowl v. SOTU

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    Reprinted from Twin Cities Daily January’s Super Bowl and State of the Union Speech always offer plenty to watch.  And for citizens and jocks alike: the chance to see stars and lesser souls connecting together.  With the potential to win big, Or, not.

Who can Take Back the Country? Us.

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In his essay The Political Pot Boils Over, Hubert H. Humphrey School’s Brian Atwood notes how polarizing political campaigns promise to defend the causes of “The People.” Politicians understand the deep doubt and sense of citizen disempowerment as at the core of populist angst. But candidates’ […]

Citizen music solving public problems

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Andrea Grazzini Walstrom explains how citizens “perform” public solutions

A common-citizen’s power to challenge powerful forces

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Rosalina Gomez is “just” a janitor. But she has executives from two of the largest banks in the country scrambling. More hopefully — so are the media. The top story in today’s Star Tribune business section, by Neal St. Anthony, covers Gomez’s effort to get […]